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Along the coast of Sussex, sailing is a very popular pastime. It can cover a wide range of activities from messing about in a humble single sail dinghy all the way up to racing tailor-made ocean going yachts..

Today, for any visitor to Sussex, sailing should be high on the list of activities to consider. Many people enjoy sailing their own craft, and there are many launch sites all along the coast to choose from. For larger craft, permanent berthing is available in several harbours - Brighton Marina, Eastbourne and Chichester being the main centres.

If you enjoy sailing, joining a sailing club is a good way to meet like-minded people, and is a great place to pick up local knowledge and tips. There are many such clubs along the coast, the main examples being the Sussex Yacht club at Shoreham-on-Sea, Chichester Yacht Club, Lancing Sailing Club, Hastings & St. Leonards Sailing Club, and Worthing Yacht Club. Sailing clubs can also be found inland, usually near to a large lake, such as Weir Wood Sailing Club.


Safety is obviously a very important factor in a sport such as this, and in Sussex sailing tuition can be found in most of the main coastal centres. This can range from a beginner's class for those still finding their sea legs, through crew member courses to perhaps a full Coastal Skipper qualification. Whether you decide to sail just for pleasure, or to achieve formal qualifications, a recognised course of tuition will ensure you continue to have fun in safety.

As you become more adept, you will be able to tackle more interesting journeys - across to the Isle of Wight or perhaps across the channel for a day.

If you are competitive, you can always try yacht or dinghy racing. These sports are enjoying renewed interest at the moment. Once you have gained the necessary experience you will be able to enter events such as the Sussex Regatta, which usually takes place over the Easter Weekend.

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